Thursday, 19 January 2012

Apparel is Not Boring.

American Apparel is one of my most favourite high street stores. They use a lot of plain jersey materials in typical ways, and although it sounds boring, I can assure its not. American Apparels clothing is effortlessly sexy and great quality. No one can deny that they are in need of a new plain T shirt or pair of shorts. And AA takes it that little bit further. Their style is big and baggy or high waisted fitted and sexy. ( I am aware that the owner of AA has been punished for several unrequited relationships with models, but I like the clothes! ) The way there clothing is cut, and shaped means that you can either dress it up or down extremely well. They also have a habit of creating a product in every colour imaginable, so in this sense you really cant find fault with them. Especially as you can alter one of there products to match any style you may be channeling. Which is perfect for me, as I can get as many big black baggy T-shirt and high waisted lounge shorts as I please! Their clothing is so comfy in every way and so perfect for being lazy in. It can be said that they are a tad pricey when it comes to these simple items, but they always look good, so really there is no fault. And not to forget, even thought past photography has been shady... it's still brilliant! Check out their latest line on lingerie its very 'cute'

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