Saturday, 1 October 2011


Tribes, obviously we have African or Indian tribes, but there are also FASHION tribes. And everyone belongs to one. When a study across 10 years was carried out on fashion tribes across the world, it was found that all those people who believed their sense of dress was 'original' were in-fact matched identically with others who had the same lifestyle. Tribes that were found from america to england included Indie Kids, Nu Ravers, Shoreditch Gays and even Grannies. All of these tribes followed a specific trend, and way of living. However, it was also shown that these people did not rebel as they would say, as within their surroundings they 'fitted' in, as noone wants to be an outcast... 

Putting people into tribes is a sneaky trick by the fashion industry, making it easy to produce a product for a specific group of people. And make them MONEY. 

So lets think about it, which tribe would you be in? 

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