Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sorry im late.

so, iv recently bagged myself a christmas temp job at M&S (oh how very glamourous of me I know) the pay is amazing! Without a doubt the best iv ever had. And its adorable working with all the christmas decorations. However this post is not just about the wonderful world of retail, but about what i can now buy from other retailers... let me put it bluntly TOPSHOP  who now have a sale on may i add. So i had been eyeing up this beautiful silk midi dress from the boutique section which had gone down to half price. MUST HAVE. I have really fallen in love with midi skirts and dresses. There not as flouncy as a mini, and there not as glamourous as a maxi, they are what they are named, in the middle. I absolutely love the idea of wearing this dress with a large jumper and fur coat with boots ( I will admit its not that midi, but to say how short I am, it is on me) Everyone should have a midi skirt as they are so comfortable and casual, but still have an elegant grace. They are also so easy to find as they are huge on the market! so there are no excuses. Midi skirts are not just for older women as they have been previously attached to, but come in an array of fabrics and detailing. Urban Outfitters has a mesh midi which is very sexy, but then topshop do thick jersey materials which are perfect for winter. GO GET ONE.

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