Monday, 10 October 2011

Dysfunctional Knits.

Winter is coming, everyones toes are getting chilly, and we are all looking for that perfect piece of knitwear to wrap ourselves up in . But we cant settle for any knit.It must be a dysfunctional knits. A dysfunctional knit is a piece of knit wear that is just that little bit more. 
Knitwear on a whole is an all round favourite, especially within England where it is just so cold. A great piece of knitwear is one that keeps you cosy on a dark winters night, but without looking frumpy and boring. All Saints have always done great pieces that reflect this, one piece that has stood out for me is the Raeburn cardigan that carries the styles that are around today whilst still offering that warmth of an ordinary knit. Knitwear has come along way, and instead of being an average cardigan your granny knitted you for christmas, it now has so many different functions. INVEST.

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